"Train like a Warrior, Perform like a Warrior"

If you want to perform like a warrior, you will need to train like one!

The Training Room , located in Avon, NJ has been a major contributor to the Silent Warrior Fund and Host to the Warrior Challenge for the past 3 years.  The gym, with over 12 years in the making; has developed an integrated system of fitness that uses minimal equipment and yields incredible results in minimal time. Their training system can be implemented in ANY setting such as gym, home, or while on vacation.

There is a reason why "Training Room" students have been the top Warrior Challenge finishers and why there is a very wide gap between them and the male/female competition, for the past two years.

The Warrior Challenge is not an event that you just jump into without proper preparation if your serious about winning. If you want to keep up with the best, you will need to train as hard or even harder then them. Of course your #1 option is to train with them at The Training Room. If you cannot make it to the "Training Room" or live a little to far from Avon by the sea, that's ok. The owners of the Gym have decided to help you out.

They are creating special a "Warrior Challenge" training protocol to follow right on their website. They will post simple/minimal equipment workouts that can be done  ay home to help prepare your body for the riggors of this challenge! Visit and goto the "'Warrior Challenge Training" page of the website!

Happy Training!

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