Thank you and congratulations to those that have registered and/or offered their generous support for this worthwhile cause. Rest assured that 100% of all proceeds from registrations, donations and participant sponsorships will go to the Warrior families that need it most.

List of Sponsors

Here's a list of all the terrific people who have stepped up to support a contestant through a generous sponsorship.

Date Donator Participant Amount
7/26/2013Bill ChisholmAnthony Valente$50.00
7/24/2013Margaret SeamanAnthony Valente$25.00
7/21/2013John fitzsimonsChrissy Zizza$25.00
7/19/2013Richard L. MagovernAnthony Valente$50.00
7/19/2013Michael Bookman/SCAAnthony Valente$250.00
7/19/2013Gregory A. SteinmetzAnthony Valente$100.00
7/19/2013Jackie M. BookmanAnthony Valente$50.00
7/19/2013Doug Ketterer$100.00
7/19/2013Elizabeth MiklusAnthony Valente$20.00
7/19/2013Richard MirandaAnthony Valente$10.00
7/18/2013Stephen ScanapiccoAnthony Valente$100.00
7/18/2013Stephen ScanapiccoAnthony Valente$100.00
7/18/2013Melissa KennedyAnthony Valente$25.00
7/18/2013ronnie guidoneAnthony Valente$25.00
7/18/2013Maurice CassaraAnthony Valente$20.00
7/18/2013James FunkAnthony Valente$10.00
7/18/2013Tahj HoldenAnthony Valente$10.00
7/18/2013jonathan morseAnthony Valente$100.00
7/17/2013Carolina DesideratoAnthony Valente$50.00
7/17/2013Todd SacksAnthony Valente$100.00
7/16/2013Kevin OShaughnessyMichael Mulroy$50.00
7/16/2013David NelsonAnthony Valente$100.00
7/15/2013William FoxAnthony Valente$50.00
7/15/2013rich murphyAnthony Valente$25.00
7/15/2013Craig ReinertAnthony Valente$20.00
7/15/2013GEORGE H MOSS III$100.00
7/15/2013art cahillAnthony Valente$100.00
7/15/2013mark mastrobertiAnthony Valente$100.00
7/10/2013Kristi DeLace$100.00
7/10/2013Beth & Gene Mulroy$100.00
7/10/2013Beth & Gene Mulroy$100.00
7/08/2013Charlie Buck, Sr.Michael Mulroy$20.00
7/02/2013Myles KellamDevin Gage$100.00
6/04/2013Tom JeramazTom Jeramaz$10.00

List of Donators

Here's a list of all the terrific people who have made a generous donation to the Warrior Challenge.

Date Donator In Memory/Honor Of Amount
11/13/2013Gregg Miller$20.00
11/11/2013Brian MansfieldAll of our veterans. Thank you!$10.00
11/08/2013Marge Ascari$20.00
11/08/2013Chris RossomandoNicky Rossomando$20.00
11/08/2013Shannon Fary$10.00
8/04/2013Brad McleodGFGI guys$200.00
7/20/2013Ryan and Jen Cole$50.00
7/19/2013Mark Fitzgerald Mo Jrad$100.00
7/19/2013Mark Fitzgerald Mo Jrad$100.00
7/19/2013Mark Fitzgerald Mo Jrad$100.00
7/18/2013James DolanAnthony Valente SVS Team$25.00
7/10/2013Matt MurphySack Team 4$100.00
7/10/2013Tara FerraraAll Soldiers working hard for this Country!$50.00
7/09/2013karen cleeverHonor of Michael Bruno$50.00
7/15/2012Geovanni DericeUncle Mike $50.00
7/14/2012Jeffrey Capanna$50.00
7/14/2012Laurie GowenSteven Roy$50.00
7/13/2012Susanne FitzgeraldMark Fitzgerald$100.00
7/13/2012Ryan and Jen ColeTo all who serve. $50.00
7/13/2012Nicole DeMaio$50.00
7/13/2012Sean M. SmithBill Hincher$25.00
7/12/2012David Pfund$25.00
7/12/2012chris lutzsupport of Bill Hincher$25.00
7/11/2012Bill Hincher$20.00
6/21/2012Paul ReddickAll$700.00
6/20/2012maryjeff rossi$25.00
6/03/2012Kenneth DorePhilip Dore and Francis Dore$50.00
5/23/2012Natasha FoyHonor of my brother and his brothers$100.00
5/16/2012Anthony P ColandroJonathan Linek$100.00
4/29/2012The Fabiano FamilyIn memeory of Franklin John Kneller 101st Airborne$100.00
1/12/2012Steve Ripa$10.00
8/08/2011James SchoenhutSeal team 6 lost in Afghanistan$1000.00
8/08/2011James SchoenhutSeal team 6 lost in Afghanistan$1000.00
7/17/2011Kristian D\'AgostinoThe entire SF community and families$50.00
7/16/2011Tshana Nelson$40.00
7/16/2011Larry KonsinDavid McArthur$10.00
7/15/2011Edward ResinaDavid McArthur$25.00
7/15/2011Sandra MyersThe Wounded Warriors$50.00
7/15/2011Susan DemerjianThe Wounded Warriors$50.00
7/15/2011MyongAll who served$20.00
7/15/2011Alice FecskoEric Heaning$10.00
7/15/2011Andrew RodriguezAll those who serve our country$30.00
7/13/2011David WomackSGT Jeff Hinton$50.00
7/13/2011Gregg Miller$50.00
7/13/2011Dennis Foy$100.00
7/12/2011Randal Bissetall fallen and recovering fallen warriors$50.00
7/12/2011Josephine T KaneEric Heaning$10.00
7/07/2011Daryl Burns CutilloJon Eric Burns and Erin Brinew $50.00
7/05/2011Jersey City F.O.P. Lodge 4$50.00
6/17/2011Bruce RanstadSSG Nick Ranstad, US Army Sniper

On behalf of Team Ranstad to honor our namesake who is responsible for us becoming who we are - SSG Nicholas Ranstad, US Army. He holds the American sniper record for the longest confirmed kill in Afghanistan. 1.3 miles.
5/31/2011Ron Konya$50.00
4/21/2011Tommy JArmy Jon - Currently depolyed$20.00
4/02/2011Yusuf QasimThe Warriors$20.00